Installation Services

We are aware that setting up a beverage line not easy. The process can be time consuming, expensive, and can be exhaustive. Hence, FGS Ltd. offers support to clients with an end-to-end installation solutions including the following

Design Planning

At FGS, we advice clients professionally with regards to their design requirementi.e. a completely new line or an addition of a new machine to an existing line. In understanding our clients needs, our team visit the customer site to discuss requirements including: As built measurement; Rated line speed required; Product Types to be Produced. Upon gathering the required information, a portfolio is created for the client. This portfolio informs the client with the most environmentally friendly, ergonomics, and cost effective solutions to their requirements

Layout & Architecture

At FGS, the layout and architecture deigned for clients adheres to international standards and leverages the most current and suitable technology.Our layout design also pays attention to providing a solution which is resource efficient and enables a view where a single operator can control multiple machines

Electrical Installation

At FGS, we have an experienced team focused on providing electrical services from an installation and commissioning point of view. This has been made possible because of our relationship/ partnership with an OEM trained electrical resource base which enables our electrical team keep abreast of all international electrical standards

Mechanical Installation

At FGS, we offer a strong mechanical expertise to install complete lines as well as single machine installation. We also place a high priority on mechanical retrofitting of existing machines in our mechanical service offering. We adhere to the highest mechanical standards by having an OEM trained resource base which ensures the highest quality mechanical installation standards.

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