Maintenance Services

We at FGS recognize the importance of maintenance in ensuring service uptime, efficient productivity and service delivery. We offer the following maintenance support to our clients.



Our experienced and skillful engineers are technically competent to analyze the root cause of issues including configuration issues, machine breakdowns, and downstream compatibility issues etc., and proffer appropriate solutionsto identified issues. We have competent engineers who are experienced in fixing both electrical and mechanical issues.

Preventive Maintenance

At FGS, we run machine and production audits to ensure consistency of production runs and prevent breakdown. Our engineers are technically sound to ensure consistent audits. We also conduct preventive maintenance activities where necessary to ensure continued production at optimal levels.

Spare Part Assessment & Evaluation

Throughout the period of routine preventive maintenance activities and troubleshooting of specific issues, our engineers prepare a comprehensive report outlining the issues and potential impact as a result of the issues identified. We also evaluate the cost benefit need for spare part and provide a detailed spare part list as required to restore the machine or line back to optimal working order and prevent unnecessary production losses due to breakdowns.

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