Why Frisch

Why Frisch Global Services Ltd.

We are aware that setting up a beverage line not easy. The process can be time consuming, expensive, and can be exhaustive. Hence, FGS Ltd. offers support to clients with an end-to-end installation solutions

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Our Expertise

Since our inception, we have built a strong relationship with global players around the world. This has however served as a factor in building up a wide knowledge and varied experience in all fields associated with the beverage filling and packaging industry.

Also, FGS’s technical partners has also assisted in providing real-time assistance and training program for all member staff in areas including installation, commissioning, electrical and mechanical specifications. We at FGS, ensures that all technical staff are knowledgeable to handle complex and critical client issues.

Service Quality & Delivery

The exposure to rigorous training on multiple lines and machine, also coupled with the vast experience of installing, commissioning and providing various services in the beverage industry, the team is well versed with the line specifics and experienced to foresee potential issues in the line or machine.

Also our commitment to our clients ensures that we adhere to industry standards and policies. Our engineers are also requested to stay onsite at production facilities as embedded engineers and manage production, operations and troubleshooting requirements. This has in-turn created the best customer experience based on feedback from our esteemed clients.

Training & Development

At FGS, our core focus is the development of our staff. Technical development is mandatory and continuous. The partnership with our technical partners has in turned exposed our technicians to major projects in Asia and Africa.

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