Overhaul & Retrofits Services

At FGS Ltd. We offer overhaul of specific machine or parts of the complete line or retrofitting the line with a new machine. Our team of technically sound engineers support our clients with the following:

Machine Audit & Overhaul

At FGS, we advise our clients to conduct both Bi- Annual and Annual Machine Audits. This is done to achieve longevity and optimal delivery. The audit advised are conducted in two parts including Running Audit and Static Audit. Upon completion of this audit, a detailed report is submitted to the client highlighting the areas of the machine which requires immediate attention. We also inform our clients on the comprehensive spare part list required to restore the machine back to optimal service delivery, preventing unnecessary production losses and breakdown.Our experience in machine audit and overhaul span across several locations globally. Some notable ones includes but not limited to Sabmiller india ltd, PepsiCo india pvt limited and Brasseries du Chad in India and Chad. Other machine audit and overhaul projects span across Liberia, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Guinea, Nigeria and Tanzania respectively.


At FGS, we are aware about the fast rate of technology innovation and advancement. Hence, the OEM’s have developed a cost effective approach of integrating the latest technology into existing machines. Our engineers do not only conduct the retrofitting to existing machines but also proactively advises clients of available retrofits to their machines, hence saving them a substantial amount of money and improving their overall line efficacy.